Virucide H (total biocide for general use)

Total Virucide H (total biocide for general use)

This biocide is a powerful disinfectant which is safe for use in all situations where disinfection is required. It is especially effective against gram positive and gram negative organisms, c.diff, MRSA etc.

Virucide H has a broad spectrum bactericidal and virucidal activity against bacteria and both enveloped and naked RNA/DNA viruses. It has been shown to be effective against Influenza Honk Kong Virus, Herpes Simplex, Vaccina and Rotavirus (gastroenteritis virus).

Directions - Dilute up to 1:100 in clean water and apply by mop, cloth or spray. Allow at least 5 minutes of contact time and wipe or brush off any excess liquid.

Available in 5L, 10L & 20L containers.

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